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Peace of mind thanks to complete control over your content

So much on the internet is ephemeral, but why should having access to your own articles be?

Whether you are a freelancer with your articles scattered all over the web or are a staff writer and have them all in a single place: Your Authory page gives you your own full text backup of everything you write. You’ll never lose access to what you’ve created, promise.

No more lost articles, zero effort for you

Authory saves a copy of every single article for you, no matter what happens to the original. No more pieces lost because a publisher botched the move to a new CMS or you’ve moved on to a new gig.

And the best part: It’s zero effort for you. Authory imports all your previous articles, regardless of where they were published. And whenever you publish a new article we’ll find it and add it to your Authory page.

Save time and hassle

With our extensive filters and lightning fast search, you have all your articles at your fingertips any time.

Plus, you can curate your articles by creating collections, e.g. for specific topics or article types like interviews.

All in all, it will be easier than ever before for you and your readers to find what you are looking for.

It's always a big relief to get an email from Authory saying my newest article has been automatically backed up.

Many great features included:


Very safe

Articles backed up in multiple physical locations


No lock-in

Download your articles at any time


Fully legal

Your articles in full text are only available to you


Images incl.

Your backup contains all article images too

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