Three Laws of Copyright and Ownership

We care deeply about your articles. After all, that’s the whole raison d'être for Authory: Enable you, as a journalist, to easily keep track of all the articles you’ve ever written while your readers are automatically updated on all the new ones you write.

For this very reason we’ve established our Three Laws of Copyright and Ownership. This is to highlight clearly why you do not have to worry about any copyright, ownership rights or data issues when using Authory (hat tip to Evernote for their Three Laws of Data Protection).

1. Your articles are yours (or your publisher’s)

You most likely get paid for your articles, which almost certainly means that you give the rights to your articles to someone else. Whether as a freelancer or staff journo, you hand over the copyrights and/or ownership rights to your publisher in return for a living.

Using Authory does not affect any of these rights. Adding articles to your Authory account changes neither the existing ownership rights nor the existing copyrights of the respective articles. We do not own your articles, we do not publish them.

By using Authory you grant us the right to use your articles solely to provide you with our service (e.g. backup, search, notifications to your readers). Authory is a service to make your life as a journalist easier, it does not have any effect on the relationship between you and your publisher, whether freelance or staff journalist.

2. Your articles are private

All articles added to your Authory account, will be treated as private. You are the only one who can access the full text backup of the articles. We will not republish your article. Only the headline and the first 250 characters of the article plus a link to the original source page will be publically visible on your Authory page (think Google News). (And if you don’t want that you can even hide the public snippet.)

We do not sell your data to third parties. Authory is designed to help journalists and their readers, nobody else. We want to build a permanent, lasting and trustworthy service that journalists and readers can rely on. In order to truly live up to this statement, it is of vital importance that our business model is aligned with Authory’s purpose. And that is only the case if those who are supposed to get the biggest value out of Authory (journalists) contribute to its sustainability. Only then can every product development decision be truly driven by a desire to make the service better for journalists and their readers (and not for advertisers, publishers, PR companies or anybody else who would pay for it).

3. Your articles are portable

With Authory, we intend to create a service that you and your readers truly enjoy. At the same time, we do not want to lock you in with us. Therefore, you can ask us anytime to export the entire archive of articles that you keep in Authory and we’ll send it to you as an XML or HTML file via email.

Authory is designed as a service that helps you in your capacity as a journalist. A service that we hope you’ll love to use for many years to come. And in that spirit, there is no reason to lock in your data at all.